Fusions by Tala

Located at The Gulf Hotel and overlooking Bahrain's skyline, Fusions by Tala, recent winner of a Top 50 MENA Restaurants award and lead by MENA's no.1 Female Chef, Tala Bashmi, offers a culinary experience like no other.

Step in and leave your expectations at the door as you enter a realm of incredible cuisine and experience unlike any other.


To match its stellar series of awards and spectacular cuisine, Fusion by Tala's web pages are currently being upgraded. Please visit Instagram.com/FusionsByTala to learn more!

With 10 fine dining restaurants inspired from Iran, Thailand, China, Japan, Italy, Mexico, Western world and India, 4 lounges and cafes and 2 sparkling bars, the Gulf Hotel Bahrain is offering all its guests the most diverse choice of dining and entertainment on the island of Bahrain.

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Fusions by Tala - Gulf Hotel Bahrain.

Welcome to a world of the unconventional, a place where ingredients of memory and Bahraini tradition are whipped into a frenzy of new and daring dishes.  

Her love affair with Bahraini dishes started at the age of six, when she would accompany her father to local markets and watch and listen as he taught her the secrets and flavours of cooking.  Today, she carries on this tradition, venturing out to local farmer’s markets, hand selecting seasonal ingredients and capturing the ever-changing flavours unique to Bahrain.  

Fusion’s by Tala is just that, a synergy of Middle Eastern cuisine and fine dining, where local cooking techniques and ingredients meet at the horizon of a culinary renaissance. 


The Gulf Hotel has firmly positioned itself as a gastronomic and entertainment paradise in Bahrain. With its award winning restaurants and pubs, our chef’s represents the authenticity to create that innovative culinary adventure experience. 

If you have any queries or would like to meet our specialty chef’s during your visit, please approach our outlet managers to arrange or you can email us on info@gulfhotelbahrain.com in advance.


For more information on Fusions by Tala, and to book onto a gastronomic journey unlike any other, Whatsapp +973 17746427, call 17713000 or email Fusions@gulfhotelbahrain.com.

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"At the Gulf Hotel Bahrain, we offer our guests the best service of a luxury 5-Star hotel for a memorable stay in the Kingdom of Bahrain."

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